Piwik Mobile 2: SSL Handshake timed out

Hi everybody,

I am kind of embarrased to ask this question, but I absolutely do not understand how to login to the Piwik Mobile 2 android app. I always get the error message:

"There was an error “SSL Handshake timed out”. The request returned the status “0”.

What is it that I have to do?

I tried several different URLS and different Users. I don’t know where to find the error logs. I am sure Username and Password is correct, but I can’t find any hint on the web, if there is a different Piwik Access Url for the mobile app.

I would appreciate your help a lot. Thanks

Hi Josef,

maybe have a quick look here: Mobile App - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Make sure you do not enter the URL of your website but of your Piwik installation. If this problem persists maybe you can send us an email (hello @piwik.org) with the domain you are trying to log in and I will try to find out what the problem causes.