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I am hoping that someone out there can help me, I did not see this in the FAQs. Does Piwik save tracking information to logs? If so where are these logs located, Are they automaticly archeived? If so how often? If they are not automaticly archeived what is the best way to set Piwik up so that it automaticly archeives the logs should I use a cron job or is there a better way? Also any other information on logs and how Piwik interacts with them that you can provide would be helpful. I realize all the data gets logged in the database, but if I loose my database, and do not have a backup do I loose my data?

Some quick information on what I am trying to do
We are currently using Urchin, and are looking into moving away from it. I currently have Piwik set up on a Tomcat server using a javaBridge war file to run the php code.

Thank you in advance for any help

(Thomas Seifert) #2

Piwik is ONLY writing to the database. there are no additional logs. Piwik has an option to prune old visits in the database, see the settings.
If you loose your database, you loose your data, thats right and the usual way ;).


Thank you for your quick response. I looked in the settings as you directed, and saw what you where referring to. It appears the logs that I have read about are stored in database tables as you stated. Which just means I’ll have to create a cron job to back these tables up into additional logs if needed.

Thanks again for your quick response