Piwik Login error

I am not sur ewhy this happened but I am getting a piwik login error.

Authentication object cannot be found in the Registry. Maybe the Login plugin is not activated?
You can activate the plugin by adding:
Plugins[] = Login
under the [Plugins] section in your config/config.ini.php

I went to the config/config.ini.php and the login is there:

PluginsInstalled[] = “Login”

Not sure what to do now??

Please help!

If this was after the update to 1.10.1 then you might have hit the same issue that I did. I just did the reset password and all was fine.

If it was not from an upgrade I would just disregard this :slight_smile:

How did you do the reset password?

You can either use the reset password link on the login page… If that does not display for you then you can login to mysql and change the password that way.

Thank you SO much for all of your help. I changed the password in the database and the password in the config.ini.php and I am now getting a differrent error.

SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘aadrives_aadri’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)


What can I do now?

I would verify you copied all the new information in properly. Make sure you can log into mysql as that user


You could try restarting mysql, make sure you flushed the changes. To me that error means something is passing a bad password. Make sure the password changed for the correct section in the config. Verify your DB setup and the superuser section. Also I would try restarting your webserver or reloading the config. The link you posted is showing that your original error is still there.

Though again if this had nothing to do with the update what I stated earlier may not be in relation to your actual issue. maybe grep your files for your old password. But I think its either copied wrong, changes were not updated or something else with mysql as its trying to authenticate but not using the proper password. Are you sure you changed the correct password in mysql?

Wish I could be of more help.

i have this problem

Piwik and Zend_Session require the ini_set() function

It appears your PHP has disabled this function. To enjoy Piwik, you need remove

from your
directive in php.ini, and restart your webserver.
Go to Piwik

Piwik.org homepage
Piwik Frequently Asked Questions
Piwik Documentation
Piwik Forums
Piwik Online Demo

i cant login to piwik …

what can i do ? my piwik doesnt work !
can you help me ?

Did you do what the most recent error is telling you it needs? Add the ini_set to php.ini?

nothing ! i try to login to piwik and just enter user name and password and i saw this errors … !

Honestly I would just try installing again with a fresh download of the source and start again. Seems like something is being missed or is still misconfigured. Cause it is hard to sort out your issues without you putting what you have done before all the errors relating to it. Cause there has to be more logs that have info in it for the issues you are hitting. But also if you got that error on your most recent login, then I would say verify your PHP settings and make sure what it says is disabled is actually on with a test PHP page. If you are on shared hosting that could be why your PHP is not setup with that enabled. You could try contacting your hosting provider as well about that PHP error. But saying it does not work, not posting detailed information, pertaninent logs, steps you have tried and so on does not really enable others to properly help you out.

If you do not feel that is the best route for you, then maybe try contacting the Piwik Pro’s they can help you out for a small fee from what I understand.

ok , thnx for your attention and i try to contact with my host provider … thank u. see you … :slight_smile: