Piwik log import runs fine but no data in the DB


I am trying to load data into the database using the log import script. The output shows that all requests were imported successfully but I don’t see any data in the db and the Piwik UI. the piwik server is Amazon EC2 instance and the database is an RDS instance on AWS. I am using the below script to import.

python //htdocs/piwik/misc/log-analytics/import_logs.py --url=http:///piwik/index.php --token-auth=xxxxx / --idsite=1 --enable-static --enable-http-errors --enable-bots --enable-http-redirects --output=output.log &

piwik version : 2.4.1 ( I tried with 2.11.1 but the import itself fails)
php version : 5.5.22
Mysql version : 5.6.19

please help

Hi there,

please try with 2.11.2 where an import bug was fixed. if you still have any issue with this release, please create a bug report at: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub with a log file used to reproduce + the command and any error you may find in server error log.

note: piwik 2.4 is way too old and has security issues, please don’t use it!

Thanks Matt. I upgraded tomcat to 2.11.2 but the log import failed to run giving me the below error. I am not sure if this is a bug or some misconfiguration on our end.

Fatal error: Piwik returned an invalid response:

Piwik › Sign in
            <link rel="shortcut icon" href="plugins/CoreHome/images/favicon.ico"/>
        <script type="text/javascript">
var piwik = {};
piwik.token_auth = "anonymous";
piwik.piwik_url = "http://server-IP/piwik/";
piwik.cacheBuster = "8f0892bfdfc225c6115b94a33393055f";
piwik.userLogin = "anonymous";