Piwik local ip address dilema

hi all, ive got a bit of a problem with piwik and wondering if anyone knows of a solution. basically weve got a wireless access point that displays a webpage to the public, the box isnt connected to the internet and the way we send the data to piwik is with log files so basically as you all probably know the php file is requested with every page and then it logs details about the user, then it logs them in a log file on the box. that aspect of it works fine. then what happens is the box dials up to to the server, (its on a mountain on dial-up) syncs any new web content and sends the log files to the server which then parses them extracts the data then sends them as a link to piwik.php, ive managed to get all this to work but the problem weve got is that every user is logged as one because it uses the ip address of the server. and i cant use the ip address of the users as a returning user could have a different ip address.

so is there a way to tell piwik to not take into account the ip address and just the userid thats a cookie for each users device.

thanks Lee

maybe try the following : How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

This will force Piwik to use cookies rather than IP + other things.

thanks for the suggestion!, were using the tracking API and not the javascript tracker, which info needs to be supplied in the api call to enable tracking with greater accuracy?

Make the change to config.ini.php as explained in the FAQ How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

hi, i did the change and it works now!, thanks for this really usefull!