Piwik Live! Processor Usage

(Kyle) #1


I just received word from hosting provider (on a Shared Host account) that our processor usage was well outside of acceptable range, and it pointed to the index.php file in our Piwik install.

Didn’t know if anyone had encountered issues like this (I suspect it is related to the Live plugin refreshing constantly). If so, did you reach an effective resolution (other than turning off Live plugin)

Thanks for your thoughts / assistance.

— EDIT —

I spoke with the System Admin for the server, and disabling the UserCountryMap plugin seemed to prevent the occasional memory spikes. I’ll update this afternoon to verify this was the issue.

(Kyle) #2

I think the problem may have been due to the processing rate for reports (Default is 30 seconds). I have changed it to 900 seconds and will check with the host provider tomorrow to ensure the change was effective.

If this is the cause, it may be worth modifying this default to prevent issues for Piwik users on Shared Hosts.

(Thomas Seifert) #3

Use the cronjob archiving with high visit rates.
There’s no other choice. And if that doesn’t work with your shared host, get another one.