PIWIK lists a user with a PIWIK URL


Hello all,

from time to time I see in the visitors-list a user with two URLs like this: Piwik › Error

and a ‘Seiten-URL nicht definiert’ (page URL not defined)

How can this visitor use this URL because we have no ‘anonymous’-profile and all users are having passwords. First we’ve done we changed all our passwords. Would it be neccassary to use htaccess and protect the whole piwik-site?

Many thanks in advance!

Hope someone have an idea.

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(Matthieu Napoli) #2

If this URL appears in Piwik that means somehow your Piwik includes the Javascript tracker, i.e. your Piwik tracks itself.

I don’t think the problem is with anonymous users, because it’s OK that someone visits that page (as logged in user). The problem is why is this URL tracked…

Or maybe you are importing Apache access log files? In which case maybe you are also importing the access log files of the Piwik website?