Piwik Just Not Working Right?

Hi all

I loved Piwik from the start and paid for a training in how to use this to track visitors to my wordpress sites

I use the wp plugin to add piwik to the sites

A while back I was badly hacked on several sites, on two separate hosts which suggested there had to be a place recording my sites in one place, it could have been piwik I don’t know

The main site that is the name for my piwik account (set up using this website) was one of those banned in google - now of course released by request (actually quite some weeks ago)

I wrote a email just asking for some support as recently I am getting no data recorded on my sites?

I havent done anything different, no changes made to my dashboard?

But on one visit one or two sites will be showing some signs of life and on another visit there will be a different one but generally my sites are apparently getting zero traffic which I know is not true

does anyone have any idea what is causing this and what I should do?

the email from support just told me how to uninstall piwik

does that mean I should uninstall and reinstall? There’s a lot of site to re’add if thats the case