Piwik isn't recording anything


Hey there,

I’m new to Piwik, so after the (very easy) installation I got my first problem… Piwik is running like a charm… but it isn’t recording any of my pages.
All of the log tables in my mysql database are empty.

The link to my Piwik is stats.synv.org, maybe anyone could have a look at this, please? Would be awesome!
I switched from Google Analytics to Piwik, and I’m impressed of the ton of functions this program delivers, but now it would be awesome if I could use those functions too, haha :slight_smile:

Piwik Version: 2.7.0 (latest version)
Running on:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 - IIS 7.5
  • PHP v5.6.1

Any help would be appreciated here. If you need more informations just tell me.



Well… thats impressive. I haven’t done anything, but now it works.

It’s magic!