Piwik is not showing date of Subpages in the exported report


we’re using a piwik installation for multiple website-trackings. In the past we only had some small static webpages to be tracked. But now we have to track a typo3-projekt too. We embedded the trackingcode by the typo3-extension called “piwik”

piwik is tracking fine and in the piwik-backend everything is looking nice…

but, when i want to get a report as PDF or HTML piwik is combining all data from subpages to its parent page. That means, that every page, which is not located at the root-level of the project is not listed in the report.

Simple example

[li] lvl 1-1
[/li][list][li] lvl 1-1-1
[/li][li] lvl 1-1-2
[/li][li] lvl 1-1-3
[li] lvl 1-2
[/li][ul][li] lvl 1-2-1
[/li][li] lvl 1-2-2
[/li][li] lvl 1-2-3
[/li][/ul][li] lvl 1-3
[/li][ul][li] lvl 1-3-1
[/li][li] lvl 1-3-2
[/li][li] lvl 1-3-3

All data of the lvl 1-1-1 to the lvl 1-1-3 will get combined and is listed at the lvl 1-1.

Is that a bug or misconfiguration or is it just the way it should be? i didn’t found any option to change this behavior.

kind regards

PS: Reference to the german post: german post

I think the issue is to use a pages report but turn on the the flat function. Its the little logo on the bottom click on it to get a option to flatten file.

ive allready tried to activate the flat listing where all urls are written down instead of a hierarchic listing.

when i export the pages section as a csv for example due to the backend, it is fine. But i have to make a complete report due to the email-report-function. There the setting seems not to change anything at the report and so my subpages are still not listed :frowning:

See feature request: PDF/HTML Reports: Expand Actions reports (and some others) by default · Issue #2137 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

seems like the ticket dont have a very high priority :frowning:

The workarround provided at the bottom of the comments even dont work anymore :frowning:

So do i have any chance, to force piwik for expanding the pages in my pdf-exports without reprogramming all the stuff? =)

same problem…
any news here?

There are so many new features… if you would like please sponsor the development by contacting the team! Or post a comment in the ticket on trac to make your voice heard, cheers