Piwik Installation Welcome Screen empty

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I am trying to install the latest Piwik 2.4.1 on my webserver. Before I was running a Piwik 1.x successfully. Because I had problems with the update, I tried a fresh install.
However, not even the initial welcome page of the installation displays correctly:
[attachment 1821 Screenshot2014-07-1522.10.01.png]
The HTML code ends abruptly:
… [header] …

   # Quelloffene Webanalytik

Same problem on Firefox and on Internet Explorer.
Only output in piwik.log after redirecting debug logs to file:
DEBUG Piwik\FrontController[2014-07-15 19:58:45] /var/www/xxx/html/xxx/core/Config.php(351): The configuration file {/var/www/xxx/html/xxx/config/config.ini.php} has not been found or could not be read.

All files have been uploaded in binary mode to ftp server.
As this page is hosted, I don’t have access to the apache log.

What could be wrong? What else could I check?



I know that this is prob a silly answer but have you checked your server meets the latest requirements to run Piwik?


I know I sometime miss the obvious or take short cuts


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thanks for your reply.
Here are the server details:
PHP Version 5.3.3-7+squeeze19
PDO drivers mysql, sqlite, sqlite2
PDO Driver for MySQL enabled, Client API version 5.1.73
MySQL 5.1.73

This should meet the minimum requirements therefore.

The installation welcome screen loads around 3 seconds, and the HTML always abruply ends exactly after the above mentioned


Maybe its the php.ini memeory settings? Try increasing.

Also delete tmp folder contents to see if it helps.

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Maybe you see some error in the server error log file ?

(Shirokata) #6

thanks for your support! After your comments I raised this issue with my webhoster and they solved the issue by increasing the memory limit.