Piwik Installation Problem

I am new to using Piwik.

I just installed Piwik on a website and it seems to work, but the problem is that when I type in my domain it goes directly to the Piwik login.

When I try to access mywebsite.com, it goes directly to my Piwik login page, even when I am not logged into my account. The same thing happened when I tried to access it on another computer.

When I go to mywebsite.com -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspmywebsite Resources and Information., it starts the entire installation process again, which is odd because I had already installed it.

Could someone please tell me how I can gain access to my website again or at least explain where I went wrong in the installation process.

Maybe you uploaded some files in the directory above /piwik ? piwik will never change anything else appart from requests to piwik/*