Piwik installation error

hai ,

i am using php version -> PHP 5.3.6
apache 2

piwik tell error :

Piwik requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions.

On a Linux server you can compile php with the following options:



In your php.ini, add the following lines:




maybe you can help me

Well, its telling you everything needed. Seems like you don’t have one of the supported mysql extensions installed with your php. If you are in a hosted environment, give your host a call with that information. If you host the server on your own, install the extensions. If its some linux distribution you can most often just install some php-mysqli package or similar.

Tell any one php-mysqli package link, then how to configure php.


Hai Thomas Seifert ,

pls find the attachement for piwik error screen shot page.

help any useful link give to me .


apt-get install php-mysqli

apt-get install php-mysqli[/quote]

If he’s using a debian(-ish) system :wink:

Hey Rajesh Thanks for sharing.I was facing the problem too.

Quite right. Try:

yum install php-mysqli