Piwik Install

I’m new here. I’ve just installed Piwik in Bluehost and nothing is happening, no track at all :frowning:
Does anyone can help me?

You need to provide more information before anyone can attempt to help you at all. Things like what have you tried, errors from error logs, how you set it up, OS, Mysql and PHP versions. Help others help you :slight_smile:


I mean that it doesn’t appear any visit (which is not true)

If I go to Settings > Diagnostic > System Check everything has a green tick. And with FileZilla I can see a folder called Piwik in my server. So it’s well installed. Right?

I’ve been reading in the Piwik help about tracking codes and so. I like the idea of using the server log because I have access to my server. But I don’t understand what I have to do. I don’t understand where to find it. They say I have to do something with a SSH tool (???) and then I need Python. REALLY??? That’s sounds very difficult!!! I’m not an expert at all. Isn’t there a newbie-user way?

Please help, where do I start with?

see Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

see Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo
It doesn’t help very much, does it?

You have access to your server but you don’t understand the doc ? Sorry sounds like you need to ask a sysadmin or someone to help, we can’t really teach you how to use ssh + run scripts etc.

Awesome. Thank you very very much.