Piwik in text mode after change to https

Changed my site from http to https : Piwik opens in texte mode (no graphic UI - no country flags, no tables, no graphs). Even the log-in page is different
Installed and activated ForceSSL plugin.
Site functioning normally.
Any ideas?


Without the error shown in the javascript console it is always hard to tell why the CSS file didn’t load. But maybe the install of plugin made piwik regenerate all CSS files.

Échec du chargement pour l’élément dont la source est « https://www.koina.org/piwik/index.php?module=Proxy&action=getCoreJs&cb=4f47012a9b3c47fba222c8f148196c26 ». index.php:50

Does that help?

And this?

Échec du chargement pour l’élément dont la source est « https://www.koina.org/piwik/index.php?module=Proxy&action=getNonCoreJs&cb=4f47012a9b3c47fba222c8f148196c26 ». index.php:51
Échec du chargement pour l’élément dont la source est « https://www.koina.org/piwik/libs/bower_components/jquery-placeholder/jquery.placeholder.js?cb=4f47012a9b3c47fba222c8f148196c26 ». index.php:56
ReferenceError: $ is not defined[En savoir plus] index.php:65:9


Google translate says the message means Failed to load for element whose source is [URL].
Now the question is why. You can open your browsers developer tool in the network tab and check for the reason it fails.

One solution could be removing everything in the tmp/ folder.

The URLs load for me, so I guess the error is something much simpler: Are you using an ad-blocker or something similar to that? Maybe you had an exception for the old URL and now after the HTTPS change it is blocking every URL including piwik.

Thanks a million! It was Adblocker! Loading fine now.

Very grateful for your help.