Piwik, IIS and Temp Directory

Hi there,

I’m running Piwik on an IIS box with PHP fine if not for just one problem.
When Piwik starts it detect the temp dir as the Windows temp dir instead of it’s own temp dir.
This messes up my security setting on PHP (open_basedir) that I obviously don’t want to relax.
Can anybody point me where Piwik detects this dir so that I can change it to something more appropriate?

Thank you.

Look through the Smarty configuration guide and let us know what you find. Thanks.

Ok, found. Wasn’t a smarty issue.

Looks like it’s the only software I have that uses the PHP native sessioning.
This requires the session.save_path directive to be defined in the php.ini file or it will default in the system’s temp directory (less than desiderable…)

Thank you.