'piwik_ignore' cookie doesn't exclude my visits


I updated to Piwik 1.7.1 and trying to exclude my visits whit the ‘piwik_ignore’ cookie.
But all my attempts fail.

I set the cookie both:
[li] Settings > User settings > Exclude your visits using a cookie > Click here to set a cookie…
[/li][li] placing the opt-out iframe in html page and clicking Opt-out checkbox.

The same cookie is created:

Name:	 piwik_ignore
Content: ignore%3DczoxOiIqIjs%3D%3A_%3D61b3fde511c1c1112d5787158016eb3400262326
Domain:	 www.michelesalvador.it
Path: 	 /piwik/  (in Firefox)   -  /piwik (in Chrome)
For:   	 Any connection
Expires: Monday 26 May 2014 20:48:15

I also tried to:
[li] set the same cookie with javascript
[/li][li] change the path fom “/piwik” to “/”
[/li][li] used the not-encoded value “ignore=czoxOiIqIjs=:_=61b3fde511c1c1112d5787158016eb3400262326”
BUT my visits are always tracked: they immediately appear in Visitor Log.
The same problem happens with IE, Firefox and Chrome.
In previous Piwik version exclusion worked fine.

Please help. Thank you

(Thomas Seifert) #2

because your tracking code points to
and thats a different domain than www.michelesalvador.it


thanks Thomas, you saved my life.
back to trust Piwik!