Piwik & Hostgator - Some advice please


Just looking for a solution as Piwik doesn’t track. I’ve tried the troubleshooting guide here, but no luck.

I’ve heard that Hostgator uses mod_security and you need to whitelist the domain. I’ve contacted a HG techie, but they are stumped. He mentions that “To “whitelist” you need to know what rule to whitelist (hundreds of rules)”.

Can anyone help?

+++ Update +++

Issue has been resolved;). Opened a ticket and fired off a template that somebody else had success with:

Dear Support

My Domain:

I want to run Piwik stats script on my website. To do that I need my domain (see above) to be whitelisted from the mod_security rules that took effect July 1st last year.

I don’t know the specific rules, but the Piwik forums say I need to get the mod_security rules fixed. You can read the post here (and others on the same forum).



Thanks for the report. We have this ticket to keep track of tihs: New system check to warn that Piwik is not compatible with mod_security · Issue #3371 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Just a friendly notice: if you have any of Hostgator’s shared hosting packages, keep an eye on how much memory PHP is using, and how much space your database is using. Otherwise your Piwik install will start to fail when you hit their 256Mb limit.


Their only suggestion for me was to upgrade to either their VPS or dedicated hosting plans, something I cannot afford at the moment (the 256Mb PHP limit is also in place on their reseller plans)

My options now, while waiting for a patch to resolve this issue, are to continue to watch the cron job fail (it’s at every 12hrs now, so I’m not flooded with emails) while waiting for the patch; to move my Piwik installation to another host (not likely since I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t set limits at 256Mb or lower for shared hosting), or get rid of Piwik altogether, something I really really really don’t want to do!

Thank you Summer. I didn’t realize there was memory limit to take into consideration with shared. I’ll see how things work out.