Piwik Hide URL script showing internal IP

I am setting up a new Piwik install and running into a issue that I cant figure out.

All the hits that are coming in are using the internal IP when using the Hide URL script. How do I get it to provide the actual IP of the visitor when it sends it and not the internal IP of the site that has the Hide URL script on it.

I am using Apache for my webserver.


tried both the version that comes with the 1.11.1 install and I also updated piwik.php to the GitHub version with the same issue.

Also in the server logs on the Piwik install the access log shows
IN.TE.RN.AL.IP - - [21/May/2013:13:50:44 -0700] "GET /piwik.php?cip=RE.AL.IP.HEREā€¦

So it seems to be sending it through the script but Piwik is putting the IN.TE.RN.AL.IP instead of RE.AL.IP.HERE for the access log.

Maybe this FAQ help? Installation - Analytics Platform - Matomo

No difference at all adding in those changes. Also I not behind a proxy or anything like that its the webserver where the Piwik Hide URL script is and the webserver where Piwik is installed. Nothing else.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? The logs show its sending the info properly. What am I missing here?


So in hopes of figuring this out I switched the site to normal tracking and that as well shows the internal IP of the site that Piwik is tracking.

Can you upgrade to latest beta and try again? 301 Moved Permanently

if you have the problem please create a new thread with clear description

OK will do that over the evening.

Thanks Matt