Piwik has stopped tracking my website

Since yesterday, I have the same problem, Piwik has stopped tracking my website, even when I go in the website, Piwik doesn’t track my visit. My Website is http://aviactu.info it use Drupal and I use a module to integrate the Piwik code in the website. It was working before yesterday. I’ve checked my webserver log and I didn’t found any error related to piwik. I’m using Piwik to only track this website. I’m using Piwik 1.8.3

Mine has stopped working also, please let me know if you solve it :slight_smile:

By trying to take a look at my apache2 log, I found that the access.log is empty, like it has stopped to record. I have remove it, but there not a new log created, there no access.log Can that be related to Piwik stopping tracking my website ?

Maybe related, even if you visit your site or piwik UI ,it should add elements in the access.logs. maybe ask your web host for more information about a possible issue ?

Also, disable GeoIP plugin if you used it, it might help.

I’m my own host, i’m hosting my website on a server at home. I don’t use GeoIP