Piwik feed plugin

Hi all,

I use piwik since one year and it is great!

But I miss something, I have no stats about my rss feeds of my blog.

If there is some interest, I can try to write such a plugin. I think on features like this:

  • how often the feed is requested, witch time (server and client)
  • how many subscriber the feed have?
  • witch feedreader is used?
  • witch feed exactly (like category or post or tag feeds and so on)
  • link detection with click stats
  • should work with rss,atom feeds and so on

the plugin should work in two ways:
1: the data are get by an api where the feed genarating script (for example an Blog) sends its data to
2: piwik work as an proxy for feeds (similar to feedburner)

What are you thinking about it?

P.S. sorry my english is not the best

Well, the obvious problem here is that many clients will not process the Javascript in that page at all. Thus: no data.

you did´t read my whole post. I write it shoud give two ways to get this data.
The simple way is to let piwik work as a proxy similar to feedburner from google.
The other way is, that for example the blog how generates the feed collects the data an send it via an api to piwik. This can be done by simple addons for s9y and wordpress for example.
Both ways work without javascript. Sure there are not so many information to collect.

See the existing tickets at: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/307[/url] and [url=http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/134]http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/134

At the weekend I will look to start programming.
Ticket 307 is what I mean with proxy mode and the api may be used for the other way I described.

I think all this feed stats should get an own main menu or?

Do you have any other ideas for stats with feeds? So that I can regard them.

It already counts feeds but more about the feed subscribers would be helpfull like country and timinig and number of pings

Eyad you right feed subscribers would be helpful. But,… me still waiting for a more suggestions related to it.

it will be great if we can have something like that,i use feed alot with my blogs.