Piwik events showing in visitor log but not in events view

I am using Piwik to track user interaction with a Cordova (JavaScript) Android/iOS music player app (www.solarismusic.org/app).

Strangely, events tracked with _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'song', 'play', 'song title']); show up in the visitor log and most other reports, but the events don’t show up in the event reports (see screen-shot).

Does anyone have suggestions about how to debug this?
I’m using php version 5.5.38 and piwik version 3.0.4



Can you check if the reports are generated? Are all other reports up to date?

Are you using crown? If yes does it report any errors?

Thanks Findus!

I’m not sure that I know how to check if the reports are generated. There are (many) records in the archive_blob_2017_09 table for Events_action_category, Events_action_name and Events_category_action . Does this answer your question?

Once again I am not totally certain that I am not using crown, but I am not aware of using it. How can I check?

I discovered something interesting. The problem only occurs when a segment is used. when I set the segment to All Visits, the correct data shows up in event reports.


If everything else is woking correctly and new data is appearing in the other reports, I guess they are generated correctly.

You are using cron, if you have at one point set it up according to this manual:

I am running out of ideas. Maybe try to see if you can reproduce it with another segment and create a new github issue I just noticed there is already an github issue where you responded. :

Thanks for your help getting to this point!

I can confirm that I the issue occurs using different segments and different sites. I will add this info to the Github issue.

I am not using a cron job. (I was confused by the ‘crown’ spelling!)

Seems like the autocorrect on my phone doesn’t like technical terms.

Hello, Altruist. Have you found the solution? I am having the very same issue.

Hello Dmitri,
I have not found a solution myself but on the github discussion of the issue it has been recommended to try using ‘Action URL’ instead of ‘Page URL’.
I hope this helps.

FYI: if you have tried (successfully or not) to track your Ionic / Cordova mobile app with Matomo, it would be great if you can leave a comment in the new issue we have created today: Track a Cordova / Ionic app with Matomo · Issue #14375 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Looking forward to hearing from you on Github