Piwik dont show reports about referers

Hi, I have a trouble since last update to 1.3 version.
On main page of piwik reports and others reports too, for all sites, there are no informations in Keywors and Referers and Search Engines widget. I see a message ‘There is no data’, but there is… Visitors in Real Time shows a lot of users, who comes from for example Google.

How can I repair it?

There is an as yet undetermined cause for this, but it appears to be a PHP+MYSQLI bug.

Please try editing config/config.ini.php, and changing adapter=MYSQLI to adapter=PDO_MYSQL

Thanks, it’s really seems to be MySQLi error.

I’m currently investigating the cause. Please respond with your PHP version and MySQLI Client API version (found in the phpinfo() output). Thanks.

Here’s the fix: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/changeset/4547