Piwik does not register WLAN calls?


I have an extremly simple web page consisting of only one html file. Near the end of this file (before the tag) I pasted in the tracking code generated by Piwik.

When accessing this web page from my own LAN computers the visits are tracked and countered as expected. However, if I go to the web page from a computer outside my LAN nothing is tracked. When I do this WLAN test I notice that in the lower left corner of Firefox a message saying 'Waiting for …". After a while it seems the waiting ends in a time out. The page is displayed as expected.

The web server, Piwik and MySQL are all running on a QNap NAS disk. Piwik version is 1.4.

Any ideas why WLAN access are not tracked?


Are the html page and Piwik running off the same web server?

If not, sounds like the Piwik installation isn’t accessible outside of your LAN, and therefore it cannot track those visitors.


To be honest, I’m not quite sure. The html page is located in a folder also defined as a virtual host location (the NAS is capable of hosting multiple web sites) given a unik port number. But I’m not using the host name nor the port number to access the html page. I simply access the html file by the URL http:////ThePage.html.

So in practice I believe Piwik and the html page is running on the same server. However, in the Piwik ‘Settings’ menu under “Add a new web site” the URL is manually set to I have done this due to security issues. The web site and page are not for public use. Do I have to enter the correct URL for the page here for having Piwik to track the visits? And if so, is the URL or tracking data transmitted to an external server (hosted by Piwik or others)? I had the impression that all the data was stored on my local MySQL database.


OK. Fixed!

The case was that the URLs in the tracking code was refering to the IP address on my LAN. After modifying the IP addresses has seen from the outside (WLAN) all works OK.

(vipsoft) #5

Obviously, the IP address of your Piwik server (and in some cases, the IP address of the Piwik user) would be visible to other servers that you interact with.

Otherwise, neither tracking data nor the URLs of the sites that you track are sent to either third parties or piwik.org servers.

In the future, we may offer a plugin to collect stats for aggregation, but this will be by opt-in.