PIWIK does not register WAN visits but yes LAN visits

Hello: I have a Synology DS213j installed in my home. I installed Piwik but only records visits made from my home intranet (192.168.xx) but it does not record visits made from outside, ie, from WAN.
I have my domain (enriqueizquierdo.com) redirected to my WAN IP address.
Can anyone help me?

does your javascript code references the public address and not the internal one?

Yes true!
Code generated by Piwik makes reference to my local ip address and not to public address as you can see here:



In red color my local ip address.
What do you think about?
Do you think that if I change this ip by my public ip address will be recorded all WAN visits?


Works Fine!!!

By changing the local ip address generated by Piwik on the java code with my public address ALL visits are registered.

Many thanks Matt.