Piwik does not record ANY data?


Hi, i have installed piwik, however it is not recording ANY visits.

I have tried all the troubleshooting steps etc. and tried using different browsers etc with no luck.

I can give you access to piwik if necessary.


PS. my site is www.megahosting.co.nz


Your using a local ip address for you piwik server:

Users (like me) can’t access that. Replace it with http://megahosting.co.nz/admin/piwik/ (if you’re hosting on the same site)


Thanks for the reply.

So i need to change the link on the pages which are running the javascript (the pages that need to be monitored)

where else to change this?


Ok my NAME SERVERS are playing up again

heres the url and the piwik login is


Only in the javascript.

Best way is to access piwik like this http://megahosting.co.nz/admin/piwik/ and go to Settings->Website and click on View Tracking code then the trackingcode will be good.

If it still had a 192.168.x.x address in the js, just replace it with http://megahosting.co.nz/.


thanks ill check this out now!

i thought it workdd locally!


can i make it the ip that the hostname resolves?




Not sure why you want to do that, but it kind of depends on how your webserver is configured. So just try it and see if it works :wink:


But if im correct, it doesnt really matter as my domain name points straight to my ip anyway?

So in return megahosting.co.nz resolves

Unless the script works with matching the domain name to the sites

Like IIS and binding…

If you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:


This has nothing to do with Piwik but how your server is configured. In your case it works but on a shared host with shared IP it probably won’t work. Still I don’t really see why you don’t want to have the domainname in your script.

But anyway if it works now its good, right.


Yea i dont mind having the domain name in there. Im just having heaps of problems with dns propogation at the moment and the domain name keeps disappearing

But then i guess without my domain name, no one can reach the site anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. If anyone could help me with this propogation problem that would be great :wink: