Piwik dashboard not displaying with neat tidy boxes


I installed piwik using the joomla extension, it displays in the correct format on localhost, but on the live host it does not. I did a reinstall with no change.

The live host, is snapshot of the locahost, so configs etc should be the same, and of course I have the correct browser setup otherwise localhost would be displayed the same way. The install checks were all successfull, as was the installation itself.

see the incorrect format in the attachements.

The localhost displays properly in near tidy boxes, does the OS itself require any additional software?

Please help, Kind regards.

see: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Nice pointer, - any one else that has this issue look in the troubleshooting articles, there a option to load individual css files, in the global config.

Thank you for putting together a great tool.