Piwik/core/Http.php producing errors

Piwik is still producing errors, after the update to 1.10.1
Today, it produced 21GB of this:

[Wed Feb 06 14:39:21 2013] [error] [client …] PHP Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/piwik/core/Http.php on line 409, referer: http://…
[Wed Feb 06 14:39:21 2013] [error] [client …] PHP Warning: feof() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/piwik/core/Http.php on line 407, referer: http://…

I also sometimes do not see any reports on the dashboard (it says that there are no data available, but sometimes it works fine).
Can I fix it somehow?
Thank you.

what are the php.ini memory settings?

What version php and python are you using?

can you try with the latest github files ?

actually, I cannot. The administrator was so pissed off that I am not allowed to run it again until it is clear, that it is fixed and the part of code causing the problems is unchanged in th github files.
it seems, that $handle = fopen($aUrl, ‘rb’, false, $ctx); (line 406 in the last official version) fails to open the file, so the next line of code causes the infinite loop which produces error (at least that it is what I was said).

If you can’t test, because I cannot replicate, we’re not going to solve it yet. Anybody else experience this?

Since it is in the file which is responsible for checking for updates, can I somehow disable automatic checking for updates? I am doing it manually anyway and I would like to have functioning tracking.
I will probably not be able to reproduce the error if it is really related to the checking for automatic updates (if there is problem with the server, it can fail into that infinite loop, but this is something which I am not able to reproduce).