Piwik console does not show data

Hi all,
I have imported some logs to my apache server. The logs are from a different tomcat server. The import is successfully and I get information about the visitors countries and their browser and operating systems. When I click another tab from the piwik console it does not show accurate data. What I mean is the following: in the dashbord there is information about the visitors and they countries and browser and operating system, but if I want more detalied info when I go to the Visitor->Locations and providers tab it shows that the visitors’ country is unknow. The same for Visitor->Settings tab. No info about the browsers and operating system. I mention that immediately after the import I can find this information in those tabs. Seem like it work immediately after import and then it cannot access the database to extract the data, although it show this information in the Dashboard. It is very strange. I attached some pics. I seached the forum for this answer but I couldn’t find anything. Please help.


Adrian di you try to reprocess your visits so the geo location could be renewed? Might be since it was moved to a new server, a new dat file might be confused so to speak.


good luck

How can I reprocess my visits? I imported the logs after I activated geo location. Thanks.