Piwik configuration file FAIL (again!)

This is the second time that Piwik fails heavily after what appears to me normal usage. I just changed the date range in the overview widget and got the attached screenshot!


Hi have you checked teh memory limit is set to at least 64 megs or higher for the php initialisation?

Also check the memory limit that is assigned to apache.

lesjokolat, thanks for the reply but my knowledge of server setup is very small, so what you said sound slike an alien language to me!

Is this something I can ask my host provider about?

By the way, will stats still be tracked while Piwik is crashed like in the screenshot?

To Piwik developers, there must be away to prevent a corruption so easily and so frequently (twice in 4 days for a low traffic website) of such a crucial file, such as the config.ini.php

Is it not possible for the application to create a backup of this file before any update and if the update fails then recover it using the backup?

I’m sorry if this sounds a bit of a rant but I really like this software (when it works) and it’s getting frustrating not being able to use it. Sadly if this keeps occuring I’ll have to forget Piwik.

Hi depending on your server environment the memory limit is something you can modify. Via the php.ini or via .htaccess file if applicable.

Can you tell us more about the install itself? Server specs OS?

How did you copy or upload the piwik install?

Hi, I uploaded the files via ftp in binary mode.

The server is Linux x86_64
Kernel 2.6.18-308.8.2.el5
Apache version 2.2.21
PHP version 5.2.17
MySQL version 5.0.92-50-log

Funny thing is I tried to load Piwik after my last post and it worked! I din’t change anything, so it must have restored the config file by itself! Is this possible?

Ask your hosting provider. Are they using load balanced web servers, web server mirroring, etc.?