Piwik code insertion by mobile boradband service

It seems the local mobile broadband service I use is inserting Piwik code into every web page I visit, probably unintentionally. Recently their service became much slower than it had been and I noticed during page loads that the browser was receiving data from a peculiar directory of the mobile broadband provider. Then I noticed that the following code was appended onto every page that was loaded into my browser:

This, of course, is the Piik tracking code. The broadband provider must be using it to track data relating to their own websites, but it is somehow spilling over into their internet providing service as well, and interrupting the user experience by slowing web browsing tremendously.

Has anyone seen this before? I’ve contacted the mobile broadband provider but I suspect that they may not have a ready answer. What could be the cause of this anomaly, please?

Sorry, this isn’t something you can fix with our help. You could suggest to your provder that they (1) use the asynchronous tracking method and (2) if not already doing so, compress piwik.js through mod_deflate or the js/ proxy. Also, they should update to the upcoming 1.3 release as there are some performance enhancements there.

thanks … I guessed the ball would be in their court to fix what seems to be spillover from their web hosting server to their broadband service, and suggestions such as yours were what I was hoping for in posting this question.