Piwik Campaigns

I am reading Chapter 5 “Tracking Marketing Campaigns” in “Piwik Web Analytics Essentials” and I was wondering if something changed between the version he uses in the book (I think 1.8) and the current 2.5 Piwik version.

He indicates to add ?pk_campaign=CampaignName after each campaign so it will show up in the Campaign tab. I sent a massive email campaign without this extension and I just noticed, they are showing up in the Campaign tab. Does that mean that I no longer have to add that extension (?pk_campaign=CampaignName ) to each campaign for Piwik to be able to track it?

Any clairification would be greatly appreciated

You must add pk_campaign to track a campaign, unless you already use the google analytics parameters: Does Piwik support Google Analytics campaign parameters (utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_source, utm_term)? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yup, it worked…thanks!