Piwik C# Tracking API / Change code / GPL



my company is developing ASP.net projects and we want to find a general solution to use Piwik tracking in our projects with serverside code. On the piwik page I found the Piwik C# Tracking API solution a well done C# library implementing everything we need. But there is one problem: We need the request asynchronous and not synchronous. All our projects are commercial and the sourcecode isn’t free. The library is distributed under the GPL licence and if I want to change code I have to make my project GPL too, right? Is there a possibility to change code and do not open our project to everyone?



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please contribute the changes by making a pull request on Github. Unless you just want to reuse without contributing, but it’s not very constructive :slight_smile:


Hi Matt

if the code is 100% optimized I can upload a version giving the possibility to decide wheter you want to do the web request asynchronous or synchronous. But what about my licence problem? Is it allowed to use the changed code in our commercial projects or not?



(Matthieu Aubry) #4

It would be awesome to see your changes, as it’s useful to others as well (and means we can maintain it in the future and improve it further)

How do you distribute your software? If it is on your server only then there is no problem. If you sell the software in a package to others, it maybe a problem. Maybe in this case we could change the license to LGPL which would allow you to reuse it in both cases. let me know!