Piwik Basic Help Please

Hi, I’ve managed to create a new MySQL database, upload the Piwik files, run the install ok, and copy the code and paste it at the footers on my pages…

So how do I access the Piwik dashboard to see the data???

Open your browser and open:


Put in your username and your password

Thanks Karlsson,
When I do that is just takes me to the installation procedure again…no log in.
Any ideas?

If you’re back at the Install screen, then Piwik didn’t find config/config.ini.php.

The most likely cause is that the web server doesn’t have write permissions to the config folder. You would have received a warning about this during the Installation.

Hmm, All I have in the config folder is: config.ini.sample.php and global.ini.php

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Any other suggestions anyone?
This help is very much appreciated by the way…

Change the permissions or ownership of the config folder so that the web server account can create config.ini.php. You will ha tgo thru the Installation screens again.