Piwik API - Downloads & Custom Variables


I’ve developed a module for Indico software which interfaces with Piwik for statistics tracking. I am currently attempting to link a download listener on the serverside to accomplish this, it is working fine however I wish to obtain ‘top 5’ downloads for any given day and, specifically, a segment.

I am using custom variables when generating the request which logs the download via the cvar parameter as follows:

This returns the following, and registers as a successful hit on the downloads when getDownload() is triggered against it:

Page level Custom Variables: 
array (
  'custom_var_k1' => 'DownloadConferenceID',
  'custom_var_v1' => '137976',
array (
  'idvisit' => '73',
  'idsite' => 1,
  'idvisitor' => 'ÁCÃø`Ç
  'server_time' => '2012-06-13 14:10:10',
  'idaction_url' => 55,
  'idaction_url_ref' => '55',
  'idaction_name_ref' => '0',
  'time_spent_ref_action' => 576,
  'custom_var_k1' => 'DownloadConferenceID',
  'custom_var_v1' => '137976',

The issue is, using Action.getDownloads() I can’t find the correct combination of customVariablePageName1 & value etc to retrieve all the downloads where the value of the name and number match those which I sent over, I am attempting to get only that subset of data.

My only conclusion is that the action of a download isn’t bound to custom variables in the same manner in which page views are, unless there is something which I am missing.

If you can see the solution for this, I’d be most grateful for any assistance offered.

Note: Piwik IP & token_auth in URLs are within local scope only.

did you check in the table piwik_log_link_visit_action to see if the custom var are set properly for your download?

What URL request including segment did you test that didnt work?

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