Piwik And Flash Websites

(lenesi) #1

Hi i need help… i work with flash websites and using loader to change
seccion loading swf files.

I need to track this because this are seccions of my websites and i´m only
use 1 html file so the javascript code don´t work for me to trackj all the
secctions of my website.

Can someone tell if there is a method to track swf like google has with
urchintracker eg.
getURL(“java script:urchinTracker(’/file.swf’);”);

i tried to do getURL("java script:piwik_log(… but there is a error
because the site try to load something and goes to blank page.

Can someone help me about this


(morritza) #2

is there no solution for full-flash-websites?
I found only a lot of request Tickets for that topic, but no answers.
Can some tell me if it is acctually possible to track actions or virtual page views with Piwik?



how does it work with the piwik.js ?

(vipsoft) #3

We just released the PHP version of the PiwikTracker client for server-side tracking.

See: http://piwik.org/docs/tracking-api/

If you’d like to add an ActionScript version, feel free to contribute. Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, and ASP.net versions are also welcome.