Piwik admin login only possible with two slashes

Hello Support,

we use piwik 3.0.1 and so far it works great. However, even in an standard installation, we noticed that the login on the admin interface is only possible, when the url has two slashes after the hostname, i. e.:


If we try to login with only ONE slash after the hostname, the login does not happen but instead it redirects at the login page again, but now with two slashes after the hostname.

We setup redirects, so the user immediately reaches the login with two slashes. However, is there a way to configure this behaviour directly in piwik? Or is this just the intended way?

You may have set up Piwik with double slash during the installation process.

  1. Create a database backup, first!

  2. Check your Piwik database table »piwik_option«. Change your piwikUrl from http://HOSTNAME//piwik1 to http://HOSTNAME/piwik1

  3. Clear your cache

  4. Open http://HOSTNAME/piwik1

Thank you (again! :slight_smile: ).

I checked the entry and like in the other thread, there is an entry.


If we change it back to one slash however, it immediately changes back to the value with two slashes. What gives?

Hello again,

as said, the database entry changes back immediately to double slash, even after changing it to one slash in the database, and clearing cache.

What else can i try? This also happens on a completely new installation, where i did not put an double slash…

Hello, problem solved. Solution was to open the site from a different location since our proxy had still cached the call…