Piwik acting weird after a day


Hi everyone,

This is the third time I try to install Piwik. This morning i clean my root directory (for that server : http://stat.feildel.fr), I create a new MySQL user and a database for this user.

I install piwik, all dependencies are satisfied. Start adding four websites (Owncloud instance, Online CV, Wordpress instance, and a website for my father). I notice some bugs when loading reports. After investigating I try stop forcing https with apache configuration (I was redirect all request on stat.feildel.fr:80 to stat.feildel.fr:443/ ) And forcing https via piwik configuration file, much cleaner way to do it.

And in the evening my piwik install start losing its brain. The Real Time visitor report load with old values, and no other report load. I don’t know what I can do.

I have full access to the server configuration. Ask me for any information.

Thanks for your help.

PS: sorry for my bad english