Piwik 8.1 memory error


When I attempt to graph a keyword with the new 8.x feature, I get:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted at /usr/ports/lang/php5/work/php-5.3.8/ext/standard/var_unserializer.c:288 (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /usr/local/www/piwik/core/DataTable.php on line 1057

I did not get this error with 8.0. Also my memory limit in php is set to 2000M. To be sure I checked php.ini and it does read 2000M. I also did a restart on apache just to be sure.

I suspect this issue is with the new piwik version.


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Please try to add in your config/config.ini.php under the section [General]



I don’t have a config/config.ini.php that I can find. in /usr/local/etc there is just php.ini and no php config under apache22. I am running freeBSD 8.2 amd64. For fun, I added the minimum_memory_limit to php.ini but no change in the error.

Interestingly, I can successfully chart a url. I suspect it needs less memory to do that.



I must have had a brain f*rt. I added the line to the config.php.ini (also added a [General] section. There was none in the file) and all is well.

Thanks for the fast help!


(Matthieu Aubry) #5

OK and now is it working? if so, there is a bug in piwik maybe.


Yes. It is not a bug. I suggest that you add this setting to the FAQ.