Piwik 3 UI and Plugin Development Guide


Piwik 3 UI has the Material Design added, and this is a good move!
But the custom changes to different form fields (Check boxes and Radio Buttons) make it hard to migrate the old plugins UI to the new design. Is there a guide for Piwik Material design UI somewhere so I change my plugin setting interface to match new UI or create a new interface specially for Piwik 3?

If none exists, I will be happy to help you create the guide if there is an starting point somewhere!


Hi @pouyan
Have you tried to enable development mode in piwik, and then go to: index.php?module=CorePluginsAdmin&action=themes

it shows the list of UI elements you can reuse.

for sure we’d love your help on improving Piwik platform or docs. Would be great to collaborate :slight_smile: