Piwik 3.0.0 update - warning message after DB update

My own Piwik install is practically dusty from disuse (I am tracking 2-3 personal domains that get a few hits a month), but I update Piwik whenever an update pops up. I did the most recent update to v3.0.0, and everything in the update itself went swimmingly (no errors whatsoever). The subsequent DB update itself did not throw any errors, but after it was complete Piwik did throw one warning:

You are not allowed to change the value of the setting “enable_plugin_update_communication” in plugin “CoreUpdater”

I am not sure how this affects my setup, if it is a critical issue or not, nor what kind of a change this was. A basic googling of this warning brought back zero result.

Running Piwik on Centos 7, MariaDB 10.1, PHP 5.6.


I got the same message. But also the screen is broken:


��Ymo�6��_A�H����Λ+��+���`�P��œ�F"�J� ��{HɎb+N�n@ …

The tracking still seems to work. The andoid mobile app is showing actual visitor data, but also here some screens are broken, e.g. the Real-time Map.

Thanks for your help.


Brilliant: the login page now doesn’t come up. I am effectively blocked from my own analytics platform.

Please report the error message and problem you experiencein a new issue: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub

I was able to fix the problem:

After deleting the folder /plugins on the server and transfering it again, the system is working ok. Before I tried to copy the data over the installation - that failed.