Piwik 2 LTS? Is it EOL?

We are on the Piwik LTS release channel, and are currently running version 2.17.1 (the latest LTS release). On December 20th, I received a Piwik Analytics News email from the Piwik team. That email contained the following line:

4 years ago, Piwik 2.0 came into life. Now that support for Piwik 2 has ended, it is time for us to say goodbye and embrace Piwik 3.0. The update to Piwik 3 should be smooth, but may take a while depending on the amount of data you have.

This email isn’t clear, regarding LTS. Is LTS also EOL?

  1. There is an bug report, opened by Matthieu on June 20th, saying there would be a a final 2.18 LTS release to announce the end of LTS support for Piwik 2. But nothing has happened for 6 months on that.

  2. Nowhere in Piwik’s webpages dealing with LTS, does it mention anything about whether Piwik 2 LTS has ended, or not.

  3. If it has ended, will there be a Piwik 3 LTS release channel? What is the path forward for customers using the LTS channel?

  4. If Piwik 2 LTS support has ended, please update all of the documentation mentioning LTS support.

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