Piwik 2.1 inconsistent report send time

I have a fresh install of Piwik 2.1 on a VPS with VPS date and time set to my local UTC+12 for New Zealand. I have cron archive setup and working and daily reports. Most days the report is sent at 2AM, the time set in Piwik.

However after a week of 2AM emails one came in today at 10:27AM and another daily report has not turned up yet. The send happens through my Gmail account and is being sent to a gmail account.

Has anyone else come across this?

Ok, today the reports were sent via my gmail smtp account at 0836 so a bit less than 2 hours earlier than yesterday but not at the preset 0200. I really don’t get the random send times.

I have deleted the reports today and re-entered them so will see what time they are sent tomorrow.

As an aside, much as I love Piwik, the reporting has been trouble for me from day one. Yet manually sending a report via the web gui has always worked. Is there any way to get a cron to simulate pressing the send report button? It would be much easier and it would seem, more reliable.

Please don’t take this an overall criticism of the developers work on Piwik, just a suggestion to fix the reporting problems.