Piwik 2.0-b11 beta page overlay loading

i just upgraded to Piwik 2.0-b11 beta as i urgently needed reports for 12 months for a client, just to let piwik know that the page overlay, row evaluation lines under the pages are stuck on loading for me anyway.
any thoughts?

It works for me on demo.piwik.org

can you see a javascript error in the browser console ?
If you look with “Firebug” can you see the network response from Piwik when launching popover?

ok home page works for overlay, its the subpages where you have to click on the plus sign to expand
i can see this error in inspect element console
Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method ‘indexOf’

testing further the error is in the widget on my homepage, when i goto to the actualk page entry pages and click expand i can then goto page overlay