Piwik 1.9.2: Piwik-API broken?

Dear Piwik-Team,

after updating our Piwik-Installation to 1.9.2 (which worked fine by the way) we’d like to generate our custums reports which we programmed against the Piwik-API.

But when running the query:


we get an empty(!) page without any information. No error, no message, no data.

Has there been any change to the Piwik-API which I missed? Or is this an error in the implementation?

Who has any information about this weird issue?

Thanks for any replies!


I found the solution: I had to adapt the memory of PHP up to 768M to generate the report. So that is fine.

I have two recommondations:

1.) Reduce Memory Footprint of DataTables: The DataTables-Class seems to use a lot of memory when generating reports from longer (say > 2 years) time periods. It might be a good idea to reduce the memory-footprint so that longer reports are available without having very high hardware requirements

2.) DataTable/Renderer.php: I still have the choking of “htmlspecialschars” in my installation. After an update of Piwik I change the source-code of line 228 to

$value= @htmlspecialchars(…)

which resolves the problem in my case. I guess I don’t have “mv_convert_encoding” installed so your solution does not work for me. Perhaps you could suppress the errors in the distribution so that no errors are throws when there are still weird chars in the data?

Thanks for such a great tracking tool!