Piwik 1.9.2 does not tracking all

piwik will track not all visitors, it will also not be tracked all targets


I experienced the same behaviour after an update to Piwik 1.9. I managed to get Piwik tracking again by activating the debug mode. In piwik.php just change




Maybe this will work for you as well …

hello, how are the causes of the settings?


I activated the debug mode because I wanted to check for any error messages in the output of the script - just to get an idea what the problem was. There was no error message at all - but I realized, that Piwik continued tracking visitors instead.

I suppose, it’s a bug …

i activated the debug mode, but piwik tracking not all, it´s the same…


after updating my piwik install to 1.9.3-b7 tracking is back to normal again, i.e. my website visitors are being counted without having PIWIK_TRACKER_DEBUG set to true. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should give it a try?

Good luck!

thank you,
but with 1.9.3-b5 it´s the same…
Where is a downloadlink for the 1.9.3-b7 ?


I downloaded it from