Piwik 1.7.1 no longer processing data :(

Last nite, I upgraded to the new 1.7.1 and also updated my cron with new archive.php settings etc

Unfortunately I’m no longer getting reports again.

What is the old cron command for archive.sh 'cause I would like to revert back to dat since it was working just fine for me before I updated piwik and switched over to archive.php cron command.


What is the output of archive.php?>

for the old command, you can simply put the path to the .sh file which is still in piwik

What do you mean by output of arhive.php. Sorry I’m not a techie.

Thanks for the tip :wink:

In How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo
it explains how to log the output to a file. Please enable that, or run the archive.php command once.
Then it will output the text explaining what the script is doing. Copy it here?

The output i’m getting is blank. Am i doing something wrong? I ran it via SSH command line as I can’t find command line in cpanel

try to chmod 755 -R piwik/tmp/ (or 777) ? and run archive.php again?

@Matt: thanks for your patience sir but I’ve just decided to go back to using archive.sh and it’s working fine now. Last time i modified files on my server, my sites shut down for hours until my web host came around to fixing it.