:? Piwik 1.4 No Statistics with Internet Explorers


Hello there,

Piwik 1.4 doesnt track any Internet Explorers visit on my site, means I do not get any statistics for at least 30% of my visitors. The site is hostet in Germany with Strato. Conditions should be pretty standard. Is there any solution to this problem?
Thank you very much for your effort! Harri

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

when you visit your site with IE, do you see an error in piwik javascript? as you can see on demo.piwik.org IE detection works OK it seems?


Hello Matt,

there is no javascript error with ie explorers at all, when addressing my site (www.chakrahealing.de). Everything appears as it should.
IEs are simply not listet in the statistics.

I use the newest version of piwik, installed by the update via console on the server where it runs.

There is an internal statistic the provider of my site offers. It shows that I have almost 50% of my visitors using ie. That is about 100-150 per day. None of them is shown by piwik.

Today I found one visitor with Internet Explorer 6.0 from America! The first one! Maybe there is a difference how IEs from Germany should be detected in Comparison to Americans IEs and the programmers of Piwik stuck with the American IEs??


(vipsoft) #4

It looks like the problem is that IE doesn’t like the way you attempted to hide your piwik tracking code. Try it without the obfuscation.

var Text ="%3C%21--%20Piwik%20--%3E%0A%3Cscript%20type%3D%22text/javascript%22%3E%0Avar%20pkBaseURL%20%3D%20%28%28%22https%3A%22%20%3D%3D%20document.location.protocol%29%20%3F%20%22https%3A//www.chakrahealing.de/piwik/%22%20%3A%20%22http%3A//www.chakrahealing.de/piwik/%22%29%3B%0Adocument.write%28unescape%28%22%253Cscript%20src%3D%27%22%20+%20pkBaseURL%20+%20%22piwik.js%27%20type%3D%27text/javascript%27%253E%253C/script%253E%22%29%29%3B%0A%3C/script%3E%3Cscript%20type%3D%22text/javascript%22%3E%0Atry%20%7B%0Avar%20piwikTracker%20%3D%20Piwik.getTracker%28pkBaseURL%20+%20%22piwik.php%22%2C%201%29%3B%0ApiwikTracker.trackPageView%28%29%3B%0ApiwikTracker.enableLinkTracking%28%29%3B%0A%7D%20catch%28%20err%20%29%20%7B%7D%0A%3C/script%3E%3Cnoscript%3E%3Cp%3E%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//www.chakrahealing.de/piwik/piwik.php%3Fidsite%3D1%22%20style%3D%22border%3A0%22%20alt%3D%22%22%20/%3E%3C/p%3E%3C/noscript%3E%0A%3C%21--%20End%20Piwik%20Tracking%20Code%20--%3E%0A%0A%0A";
function DeCode() { var NewText; NewText = unescape(Text); document.write(NewText);} DeCode();


Dear Anton,

Uff, that was the first thing I checked 10 days ago and it seemed that day like there wouldn`t be any difference (maybe a cache problem). Today I checked again before answering this suggestion of yours and ähh, you were right. Thanks!

Today I will try a complete new installation!




I´m facing a similar problem after upgraded piwik from 1.2 to 1.4 my last visitors is downgrading.
Look the image attached.
If compare the last before friday 10/06/2011 I had 25697 visits and last friday 17/06/2011 I had 723 visits.
I upgraded the piwik at 16/06/2011 last Thursday.

Raphael Milani

(Matthieu Aubry) #7

Hi ramilani12, please upgrade to Piwik 1.5 and then if you still have the issue, let us know



Today I upgraded the Piwik to last version. Now I´ll wait tomorrow to analyze if this problem still happening.



The problem still happening my return visitors is downgrading.
See the image attached.
I had an average the 25,000 return visitors now I have 400 visitors.
Strange because I haven´t seen any problem on IE7 , Mozilla , Safari and Chrome in the piwik.js


(Matthieu Aubry) #10

ramilani12, if you still experience the issue, can you check your error logs? do you notice that traffic is less for particular browser?



I also have this problem with a website i have with piwik so i updated it to 1.5.1 but didnt help. Piwik registers all browser visits except IE visitors. I only saw 1 page request with IE which was the “mailto:” pagerequest. Is there something im doing wrong or maybe something with piwik?


(vipsoft) #12

It’s probably an interaction with other javascript on your page, or issue with loading piwik.js.

Oftentimes the try…catch is masking the cause, so start there.


Thanks, that worked for me, however I also fixed it by using IE in virtualbox machine.



I´ve been facing this problem yeat. I´ve performed many tests and I recognize the piwik´s registered only one access. But the Internet Explorer doesn´t complains any problem with JavaScript.

Raphael Milani


I have exactly the same problem. I also checked with some friends who use Explorer: they tried to connect to my website while chatting with me and I had nothing about it in the statistics. The problem seems do depend on the settings of Explorer and/or on its release.
For the moment I kind of solved the problem by using image tracking instead of the javascript method: it seems to work better, even if I am not sure it works in all cases.

Though, this solves the problem only for my personal site which is static. It cannot be applied (if I am not wrong) on dynamic websites (I have another one based on Drupal that seems to suffer the same problem).



I think this problem has to do with how IE’s security model works with respect to third party cookies.

I have some experience with this problem in openx, and I am currently using piwik in conjunction with openx (so basically, tracking analytics via ad tags)

I was able to overcome it with some convoluted mod-rewrite and P3P policy rules and I am now able to track traffic from all versions of IE. This is surely not the right way to do it, but is a workaround.

I guessed that other people dont have this problem because their cookies are first-party (i.e. their piwik server is the same as their content/website server), and IE is ok with those cookies.


My Piwik server is actually the same as the content server in both websites so I do not think this is the problem. Though, I also suspect it has something to do with the security models of IE.


(Matthieu Aubry) #18

If you use a recent version of Piwik, Piwik does not use third party cookies, so P3P should not be required but I might be wrong.

Are you able to see the settings of their IE and replicate on your computer? It would be nice to get this problem solved or at least be sure it is not a critical issue. thanks!


Attaching screenshots of stats from when I wasnt able to see any IE visitors (date range Apr to jul 2011) to current state (date range jul to current) where I can (because of the hack I use for P3P).

The piwik server is on amazon EC2, the adserver that serves it is a separate server, and the website where the ad is displayed is another different server. Iframes were not used in adserving.

(Matthieu Aubry) #20

rakshan, that looks really like a HUGE change - what exactly did you add in Piwik source code, what P3P header?

In the Piwik demo we have some visits with IE, Matomo Forums - Saturday, January 13, 2018 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

but maybe these are not all visits?

Please confirm your patch and we will test it and include in next release.