Piwik 1.3—Live! Not Working

I just upgraded to Piwik 1.3 today, and the first thing that I noticed is that my Live! widget stopped working. Upon further inspection, the visitor log is empty. The overview still has all my visitor data, and the Live! widget updates the counter on refresh. The pages and all user information are gone in the widget. I tried disabling and reenabling the widget from the dashboard. I tried uploading the Live plugin from my local hard drive. Bupkis.

Any ideas?

I have the same problem.


same issue as well.

I suspect it might be a problem with website timezones (again?).

What is the timezone set to your website that is not showing data?

Can you please PM your Piwik URL, login & password for super user? I will take a look.

Same issue, if you need another account to look at let me know.

Just PMed you data.

info sent it’s eastern timezone.

Thanks for details - can you please try the following patch: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/changeset/4499

and see if it fixes the issue for Live! and Visitor Log?

that did the trick, thanks matt!

worked for me. thx

The patch worked for me also!



There we go. That’s great. Thanks, Matt!

Same thing happened to me after a NEW 1.3 install from svn. Real-Time and Visitors Log worked fine when I first got everything up and running, then came back a few hours later and they were empty, with the exception of the counter. Applied this patch and everything seems to be working fine now :slight_smile:

Is this problem fixed?