Piwik 1.2 broken in Google Chrome browser

I’ve been using Chrome to view my piwik install for a year now without problem. Today I upgraded to piwik 1.2.

  • In Chrome I can login, and see the page header, down to the date range selection, after that it’s blank.
  • clicking on visitors - overview loads everything except the graph. Where the graph should be is the message “Displaying Graphs in Piwik requires Flash >= 10.0.0. More information about displaying graphs in Piwik.” Clicking the link takes me to Adobe which tells me that the latest version of flash is installed in my browser.

Everything works fine when I use IE.

Is this just my machine, or a legitimate bug?

Never mind. I just created a Windows XP virtual machine to test with, and everything works fine.

Must be my machine.

Tried to clear the cache in your chrome browser?